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Rubbish bins installed at GO GEORGE bus stops

Jun '17

To the delight of bus passengers and property owners in the vicinity of bus stops, 100 rubbish bins are currently being installed at GO GEORGE bus stops all over town.

The installation of this first batch of bins will be completed before the end of the month. They have been assigned to stops where permanent shelters have already been installed, and specific problem areas like the stops in Market Street near the George Transport Hub, where the same bins have proved to be durable and functional. Another batch of 100 bins will follow in the next municipal financial year.

The bus stops at the Garden Route Mall where passengers often eat something while waiting for the bus, were also equipped with these clearly visible rubbish bins last week. According to route regulator, Andrew Lesch (photo), it is making a huge difference to the overall tidiness of the bus stop area. Bus tickets, food leftovers and soft drink cans had typically been left on the sidewalk before the rubbish bins were installed, since no food and drinks are allowed on the buses.

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