GO GEORGE continues to refine routes

With the festive season amendments coming to an end on Saturday, 7 January 2017, GO GEORGE will be implementing more route refinements on Sunday, 8 January. Based on passenger demand and system optimisation, these include some timetable changes, a few route changes or additions and vehicle class changes.

Good news is that Route 14 Pacaltsdorp – Industria will be operated with large buses during peak times to make sure that there is sufficient space for passengers, and that Syferfontein passengers will once again have a direct route to town via Rosedale.

Timetable changes

The new timetables will be handed out to passengers at bus stops and on the buses, and may also be viewed on the GO GEORGE website, www.gogeorge.org.za. Changed timetables for the following routes will kick in on 8 January:

Route 1B Harmony Park – CBD

Between 15:00 and 18:00, the interval between buses has been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes, adding three more trips during the afternoon peak period.

Route 60 Rosedale – CBD

New timetable

Route 9 Industria – CBD and Route 14 Pacaltsdorp – Industria

Entirely new timetables have been composed for these two industrial routes, and certain trips will change direction. GO GEORGE champions will be on the routes to inform and direct passengers about the trip directions, running either forward or reverse. On weekdays during morning peak time, Route 9 now departs from the CBD at 06:00, 06:20, 06:40, 07:00, 07:20, 07:40 and 08:00. Route 14 departs from the Heather stop at 05:30, 05:58, 06:32, 07:00, 07:32 and 08:02. The first trip and every alternate trip mentioned here run clockwise (forward); the rest run anti-clockwise (reverse).

Route 12 Pacaltsdorp – Garden Route Mall

An extra morning trip, departing from the Heather stop at 06:20, has been added to this route. On weekdays during morning peak time, buses now depart from the Heather stop at 06:20, 07:00, 07:40 and 08:20.

Route 2 Blanco – CBD

The timetable, as was applicable before the seasonal changes on 18 December, will apply.

Route 58 Heatherpark – Heatherlands

New timetables

Route 53 Rosemoor

The duration of peak-time trips has been extended to correspond with peak demand and real arrival times of buses.

Route 53A Rosemoor will no longer operate as a route on its own, but will hook onto Route 24 Loeriepark for three morning and three afternoon trips on weekdays. Known as Route 2453A, the route will run on the regular Route 24 Loeriepark from the CBD to the Garden Route Mall, where it will change over to the previous Route 53A through Rosemoor to the CBD. The morning trips will depart from the CBD at 05:50, 06:50 and 07:50.

Route 53B Rosemoor used to operate on Saturdays only. From 8 January, this route will now also run from Monday to Friday, but on a different timetable from Saturdays. It runs from the Garden Route Mall, behind Eden Meander along Park Road, then follows Triumph Street, Miller Street, Woltemade Street, Beer Street, Attakwa Street, Mission Road, Knysna Road, York Street, Market Street to the Rosemoor stop in Cradock Street. The reverse trip follows the same route. Two new bus stops have been built in Rietbok Street to service passengers on this route. Passengers living in the vicinity of Route 53B are encouraged to make use of this service which will take them to their destination much faster than the original Route 53.

Syferfontein routes: Two new routes, 60A and 61A, will be servicing the Syferfontein community’s needs in future. Route 60A Syferfontein – CBD (via Rosedale) will depart from the Batallion stop in Olympic Street and travel via Beach Road to Rosedale, and then to town. From 05:30 till 20:30, there will be a bus about every hour, with the last bus returning from the CBD, departing at 20:42 from the Mispel stop in Market Street, seven days a week.

A new community route, Route 61A Syferfontein, will also be implemented. Before 12:00, this route travels from the Syfer stop through Delville Park by turning left into Llama Street, and on to the Panther stops, from where it returns by turning left into Square Hill Street, and back to the Syfer stop via Olympic Street. After 12:00, the reverse of this route will be followed, turning left into Square Hill Street from Olympic Street. Running from Monday to Saturday, a bus will be departing every 20 minutes from 05:05 till 19:05.

GO GEORGE champions will be at relevant bus stops and on buses to assist passengers from Monday, 9 January 2017. For any enquiries, the GO GEORGE Call Centre can be phoned on 0800 044 044, from 05:00 till 21:30 daily.

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