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GO GEORGE empowers learners to plan best route

George High
Some George High learners from Pacaltsdorp did not realise that they could also take the Pacaltsdorp – Garden Route Mall bus (Route 12) to transfer to a Rosemoor bus at the Mall. These three young ladies all live in Pacaltsdorp and are going to test this option. They are, from left, Meagan Rondganger, Chanal-Lee Titus and Jenny-lee Samuels.

GO GEORGE has been visiting schools all over town over the past month to assist learners who use the bus service with route planning.

School children are an important component of passengers using the GO GEORGE bus service daily, with more than 600 of them taking the bus to school. Although they thoroughly know their way to school by now, the communications team of the bus service realised that the learners might not be aware of the different options available to them, and embarked on an extensive route planning campaign.

Outeniqua Primary
Now they have the bus routes to school at their fingertips! From the left: Joshua Maralack, Shaynell Williams, Daniel Maxam, Kyle Brinkhuys and Wilmur Rhode all enjoyed the educational visit from GO GEORGE.

“We saw learners waiting at bus stops, hoping to get onto a bus that’s already full, while another more convenient route is available,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “Coming from a background of using taxis or school buses that travel on one route only, they did not realise they now have a choice, and that the network of routes gives them several options.”

PW Botha
PW Botha College is the school with the most learners that travel to school by bus. In the front are Kaydin Jansen from Delville Park (left) and Brunay Pietersen from New Dawn Park, digging into their GO GEORGE goodie bags containing a pocket guide timetable, a GO GEORGE sun visor and a multi-purpose pen.

At first, a survey was conducted to establish how many learners in each school use the bus service, and from which areas they travel to school. A unique map depicting the different options available to school and back home was then created for each school and handed out and discussed with the young passengers during a follow-up visit.

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