GO GEORGE fine-tunes CBD route refinements

On Tuesday, passengers had already caught on with the new routes and mentioned how convenient it was to be dropped off and picked up closer to work. MediClinic and Tuiniqua Old Age Home staff are particularly chuffed with the bus stopping almost at their doorstep. Here the bus from New Dawn Park can be seen at the newly built Cathedral A bus stop in front of the Arts Theatre, near MediClinic.

The widely publicised refinement of the Pacaltsdorp bus routes coming into town was implemented on Sunday, 6 November 2016. GO GEORGE staff are deployed at the busiest transfer stops during peak times this week, to direct passengers to get off the bus at the right stop for their new transfer points.

“We have field monitors, surveyors and operational staff on the routes to assist passengers and assess demand, especially on the new 1A express route which was only implemented this week,” said James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “We value passengers’ feedback whenever we make system changes, and I can assure them that their comments are being assessed on a daily basis. It has already helped us tweak some detail which will improve their experience. We are giving specific attention to problem areas identified by passengers, and are monitoring routes constantly,” he said.

“With Route 60 not travelling to Syferfontein anymore, a new trip that departs at 06:30 every weekday morning at the Batallion stop, has now been added, for instance. This gives Syferfontein and Dellville Park passengers the opportunity to travel into town directly, without transferring to another bus. This route 61E, doing only one trip every morning, uses a midibus that can carry 40 sitting passengers, 38 standing and one wheelchair. It runs through Delville Park to Beach Road, and then into the CBD.”

At some bus stops, for example the Market stop in front of the Post Office, more bays have been constructed to accommodate the number of routes that will stop there from now on. Passengers are reminded, at such stops, to look out for the applicable stop to board their connecting bus. The name of the transfer route will be printed on the bus stop name board.

For passengers’ convenience and clarity, posters with the departure times of certain routes about which they feel uncertain, have been put up at the stops along these routes this week. In town, posters listing the routes one could transfer to at the busy transfer stops, have also been added.

Only the three main Pacaltsdorp routes into town, routes 1A New Dawn Park, 1B Harmony Park and 60 Rosedale have changed route as it comes to the CBD, now covering a wider area of the city centre. All other routes that Pacaltsdorp passengers might need to transfer to, still depart from the CBD according to their old schedules and routing, and intersect with the new routes.

For assistance with trip planning or any other bus-related information, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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