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GO GEORGE is the safe and affordable choice for school children

Most school children who use the bus service to school need to transfer at least once on their route. This is where the big saving comes in, since GO GEORGE passengers can travel right across town and transfer between buses within one hour, without paying again.

Even cheaper with Smart Card

Smart Card users who top up with10 trips or more at a time, can travel from Pacaltsdorp to Outeniqua High School, from Denneoord to PW Botha College, from Blanco to George High – the entire distance at the price of one trip: R9.50.

Should you top up with less than 10 trips, the cost is R10.50 per trip, and buying a cash trip on the bus costs R13. Clearly, the smart thing to do is to use the Smart Card instead of buying on the bus and save up to R150 per month per child!

Safety is every parent’s priority

Parents can rest assured and focus on work, knowing that their children will get back home safely after school, transported by a trained driver from a bus stop near school, on a well-maintained vehicle via a fixed route.

GO GEORGE encourages courteous and kind behaviour among passengers, and expect the following from learners using the bus:

  • Join the queue at the bus stop, respecting those who got there first.
  • Be kind and help the elderly or disabled person, or the woman carrying a child as well as shopping bags to get on the bus.
  • Please make way for passengers with special needs to board and get seated first.
  • Use earphones to listen to your music while waiting and on the bus.
  • No eating or drinking on the bus.
  • No graffiti of vandalising of buses or bus shelters.

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