GO GEORGE reroutes Rosemoor route to accommodate municipal repairs

GO GEORGE Rerouting of Route 53 Map ENG

Map of redirected Rosemoor route during municipal repair work.

The GO GEORGE bus service will be making temporary changes to Route 53 Rosemoor to CBD to accommodate urgent repair work to an underground sewerage pipe on the corner of Park Road and 5th Street. The rerouting will be implemented on Monday morning, 20 January 2020 and will hopefully last no longer than three days, depending on the extent of the work.

Normal traffic will be allowed on the affected streets, but heavy traffic, including GO GEORGE buses, will be redirected.


Travelling from the Garden Route Mall along Park Road in the direction of the CBD, the route will turn left into Triumph Street to avoid the corner where the repairs will be done. Continuing along Triumph, the bus will turn right into Miller Street and join the normal route when turning left into St Mary Street. The same rerouting will apply on the reverse route from the CBD to Rosemoor.

Temporary stops

Bus stops Triumph 204, Swaardlelie (both sides), Park (both sides) and Miller 211 will be cut out by the rerouting, but two temporary stops will be erected on the redirected route – one in Triumph Close and one in Miller Street.

Champions at stops to guide passengers

GO GEORGE communication champions will be at the affected bus stops to guide passengers, and will also hand out flyers with directions prior to the implementation of the temporary route change.

Passengers who need assistance with trip planning are welcome to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 for assistance. Full details can also be seen on the GO GEORGE Facebook page.

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