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GO GEORGE putting dustbins on trial

Jan '22
Three photos taken at a bus stop, each depicting a different dustbin, made from concrete, plastic and metal respectively.
GO GEORGE is currently testing three types of dustbins manufactured from different materials – concrete, plastic and metal – to determine which will be most durable in the long run.

Passers-by might be puzzled by the apparent overkill of three dustbins at some bus stops in town, and none at the rest of the stops. There is a simple explanation: GO GEORGE is currently testing three types of dustbins manufactured from different materials to determine which will be most effective in the long run. The previous blue dustbins attached to bus stop poles were damaged and vandalised to such an extent that they had to be removed.

To ensure durability and sustainability, and to minimise maintenance costs due to wear and tear and vandalism, it was decided to undergo a trial period at four different locations, and to monitor these over a three-month period, after which an informed decision can be made as to which type is best suited for roll-out at bus stops.

The metal, plastic and concrete bins can be seen at the Blanco Triangle, Transport Hub in Cradock Street, and the Beach/Panther and Fourways transfer stops, all of them being stops with high passenger volumes which should give an indication of the durability of the various bin types.

Suffering huge losses annually due to vandalism of its infrastructure and vehicles, GO GEORGE will also be sharpening their focus on this issue with a highly visible anti-vandalism campaign during the coming months.

The community is requested to report any incidences of vandalism, be that stone throwing, defacing of shelters or any other infrastructure elements. They can phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, preferably while the culprits are still on the scene so that they may be apprehended.

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