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Route 14 engagement
GO GEORGE Community Liaison Officer, Simphiwe Schaap (far left), paid a visit to Laundry Express last week. He used the campaign flyer depicting a route map and timetables to explain to the staff how to use the bidirectional routing on Route 14 to their benefit. Here, from the left, are Philiswa Bandeswell, Elrich Cupido, Jo-Anne Abrahams, Anthea Hendricks and Matilda Campher.

GO GEORGE has recently implemented changes to the route from Pacaltsdorp to the industrial area (Route 14), at the same time also moving a few stops at the Protea terminus in front of Hypersave in Pacaltsdorp.

According to James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, the passenger service champions had embarked on two well-planned campaigns a week before the changes were implemented, and are continuing support and guidance to passengers on Route 14.

“Few people like change, and when it comes to something as essential as your daily transport, we realise that everybody has a familiar routine and just wants to get to work on time,” Robb said. “As can be expected, the first few days were a bit challenging despite our best efforts, but we are committed to providing informed communication champions at the stops and on the buses until everybody feels familiar with the new routing. Our community liaison officer is also visiting numerous businesses in the industrial area, large and small, to explain the impact of the extended bidirectional routing to passengers.”

At the Protea terminus, three bus stops have been moved to the opposite side of the block, resulting in a slight change to the routes departing from Protea, in an attempt to improve schedule adherence.

Route 14 Pacaltsdorp – Industria has previously been travelling bidirectionally around the loop in the industrial area in the mornings only, but now does so throughout the day. This gives passengers the option of getting on a bus that will get them to work quicker, depending on where on the loop their destination lies.

Employers in the industrial area are welcome to contact GO GEORGE by phoning the Call Centre on 0800 044 044, should they want to request an on-site visit to explain the changes to their staff.

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