More tweaks to bus routes

Following the recent Pacaltsdorp and Rosemoor route refinements, a few revisions and additions, resulting from passenger feedback, have been announced by GO GEORGE this week.


Since Monday, 28 November 2016, all the Rosemoor routes – 53, as well as the two new routes, 53A and 53B – are now travelling along the same route into town, and stop at the same original Rosemoor stop in Cradock Street. This means that all Rosemoor buses travel along Courtenay Street, turn left into York Street at the circle, left into Market Street and left into Cradock Street. The new and shorter Routes 53A (weekdays only) and 53B (Saturdays only) no longer turn into Memoriam Street to stop at the Mispel A stop in Market Street.

Passengers will be pleased to learn that the trip departing at 05:00 from the Garden Route Mall, Mondays to Saturdays, and travelling through Rosemoor on Route 53 will also be reinstated on Sunday, 4 December 2016.

Loerie Park

The Loerie Park Route 24 has always been serviced by minibuses, but three midibus trips has now been added to this route during morning peak time on weekdays. They depart from the Cradock B stop in Market Street at 06:20, 07:15 and 08:10, travelling through the residential area like the minibuses, and then on to the Garden Route Mall where they change over to service Route 53A.


Several welcome changes will be implemented on the Pacaltsdorp routes on Sunday 4 December 2016.

  • A new Route 1C Protea – CBD, doing three direct trips into town during morning peak time, has been added. Departing at the Protea terminal, the bus travels via Mission Street into Beach Road, and not through New Dawn Park like Route 1A. These trips depart at 05:25, 06:20 and 07:15, and should alleviate the problem of buses being full before they get to Beach Road where passengers are waiting to transfer.
  • A trip departing at 05:30, Mondays to Saturdays, has been added to Route 60 Rosedale.
  • For those who work late, an extra last trip of the day has been added to the New Dawn Park, Harmony Park and Rosedale routes. Routes 1A (New Dawn Park, 1B (Harmony Park) and 60 (Rosedale) will depart between 21:20 and 21:30 from the Mispel A stops in Market Street. Passengers who have worked until 21:00, will therefore be able to catch a bus along York and Courtenay Streets too, before they stop at Mispel A. The schedule of the Pacaltsdorp community route will also be adapted to link with these trips so that passengers can transfer to this bus to travel to Syferfontein and Delville Park.
  • The new morning trip with a midibus that departs at the Batallion stop near Syferfontein at 06:30 only, will no longer travel through Delville Park, but straight to Beach Road along Olympic Drive. This trip operates on weekdays only. This change was made to service the high demand in Olympic Drive and at the Olympic stop in Beach Road.
  • The new express route, 1A Express, initially stopped at the Sierrissie and Flamink stops in New Dawn Park only, before travelling to the Beach A stop and then into town. This bus will now also stop at the Valk stop for a trial period, and will do so permanently if demand justifies the stop.

Anyone needing more information or assistance with trip planning, is welcome to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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