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OCC athletes awed by GO GEORGE accessibility features

Georgie entertains Capetonians at OCC
On a lighter note, the well-loved GO GEORGE mascot, Georgie, brought smiles to the faces of these visitors from Cape Town who say they won't ever miss out on the OCC and attend the event every year, some to push and some to be pushed during the Fun Walk.

“This is paradise. Never, ever have we experienced public transport like this!”

Apart from loving George and enjoying every bit of Garden Route hospitality, foreign participants in the past weekend’s Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge (OCC) were awed by the accessibility of the GO GEORGE bus service.

“Accessibility for people with special needs is one of the highest priorities in our planning and execution of public transport in George,” said James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “Events like the OCC inspires us anew, every year, and we are greatly humbled by the athletes’ positive response to our accessibility features. Our minibuses are the first and still only public transport minibuses in South Africa with this unique electronic hoist. We are very proud of the design which was a joint effort between local municipal and provincial engineers and the designers of the hoist.”

OCC athletes test minibus hoist
Raphael Botsyo Nkegbe, captain of the Ghana team participating in the marathon, disembarking from a GO GEORGE minibus by means of the electronic hoist. He was most impressed with the accessibility features demonstrated to the athletes.

An exhibition of the GO GEORGE minibuses at the departure site of the OCC drew much attention from visitors to George. The standard and midibuses are also equipped with an electronic ramp that is deployed when passengers with mobility challenges board and disembark. These features addressing wheelchair users’ particular needs, are just a part of a variety of features to accommodate passengers with different categories of special needs.

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