Public transport essential for growing economy

October was declared national Transport Month in 2005 during Government’s transport lek-gotla, and is being celebrated this year under the theme “Together we move South Africa Forward”.

Transport infrastructure projects that promote the use of public transport and advance the country’s road safety initiatives, will be under the spotlight the entire month.

GO GEORGE is one of Government’s flagship projects, its investment in the George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN) being part of the country’s Nine-Point Plan to stimulate development and create jobs.

Public transport is essential for growing the economy. A growing economy, in turn, is critical for poverty alleviation and job creation.

More than 60 percent of South African households spend an average of 20 percent of their monthly income on transport. Govern-ment subsidises public transport – GO GEORGE tickets included –  so that nobody should have to turn away a job opportunity because they cannot afford to travel to work.

By using public transport, environmental issues are addressed too, by reducing both carbon emissions and fuel consumption, largely caused by road transport.

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