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Response to the taxi unrest on 19 August 2015

In response to the taxi unrest in George on 19 August 2015, the Western Cape Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) will hold a hearing with the intention to cancel 14 operating licences registered to members of UNCEDO George Taxi Association.

The PRE has received information from the South African Police Services (SAPS) linking certain vehicles owned by members of the Association to the violent protest action, during which roads were barricaded, buses set alight and CCTV cameras and police vehicles damaged.

More operating licences are likely to be affected and camera and video footage is currently being scrutinised to establish vehicle registration numbers and to identify offending operators. These actions constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct and operating licence conditions and are sufficient grounds for the PRE to consider the cancellation of the operating licences. The matter has been set down for a hearing during the latter part of September 2015 and affected operators will receive notification letters over the next couple of days.

The Office of the Provincial Transport Registrar will also take action against UNCEDO George Taxi Association and the affected members. The Provincial Taxi Registrar has called an inquiry into the violence in terms of section 7(a)(20) of the Western Cape Road Transportation Act, Amendment Law (Act no.8 of 1996). If found guilty of violating certain provisions of the Code of Conduct or Standard Constitution, the Association may either be suspended or de-registered. The inquiry will take place during the first week of September 2015.

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