There are tools to help you plan your trip

GO GEORGE is a scheduled bus service that runs on fixed routes at fixed times, making it a convenient and reliable means of transport. All of these benefits are lost, however, if you don’t plan your trip, and can still leave you standing at a bus stop for unnecessary long periods of time.

A handy pocket guide with timetables and route maps, as well as brochures with information and tips on how to use the system, are available at the info kiosk at the transport hub in Cradock Street. This information is also available on our routes and timetable pages.

Once you have the timetables and the route maps, you can use these to plan your trip. You might have to transfer to different routes on your journey, but these transfer points are easily identifiable on the maps. It is important to make sure, at what time you need to depart to catch any connecting buses to your destination, and still reach your destination in time. Intervals of departure vary during the day according to demand, and should be checked on the timetables. Weekday, weekend  and public holiday schedules also differ for the same reason.

For any enquiries or assistance in planning a trip, phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, where agents are available from 05:00 till 21:30 daily.

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