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Your bus ticket is valid for one person only

One person only

The GO GEORGE bus ticket is valid in any direction and for any number of transfers within one hour. This makes the ticketing system actually very simple and easy to use.

Unfortunately, some passengers still try to get away with using someone else’s ticket that “still had time on it” when their journey was over.

Passengers guilty of this unacceptable practice usually plead ignorance, but the bus ticket clearly states: “This ticket is valid for one hour only, and one person only”. These words are printed on all GO GEORGE tickets, so there is no excuse for trying to take a free ride on a bus system of which the ticket price is already heavily subsidised by government grants.

GO GEORGE from time to time receives complaints from passengers who are most unhappy with a bus driver denying them access with such a second-hand ticket. Bus drivers are indeed instructed to deny access to any individual who tries to get onto a bus with a used ticket obtained from another passenger.

We urge passengers whose journey is shorter than an hour, never to pass their tickets on to another person. Fare evasion – not paying for your bus ride – is a form of theft and a criminal offense.

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