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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: GO GEORGE service expanded on Level 4

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From Saturday, 2 May 2020, GO GEORGE will be expanding its reduced service from morning- and afternoon peak time to full day, from 05:00 until 19:00. This is in line with level 4 lockdown regulations announced this afternoon by the Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula.

Take note that service ends one hour earlier than on Level 5. Information regarding plans for hospital staff will be communicated during the course of tomorrow morning.

While increasing capacity for those who are allowed to return to work and who can make no alternative, safer transport arrangements, GO GEORGE is calling upon passengers not to use the bus for non-essential trips and leisure shopping.

PLEASE STAY HOME. Public transport remains a high-risk environment for spreading the Covid-19 virus, even more so with the larger number of passengers now allowed on buses. Please do your essential shopping outside of peak hours when the required social distance on the bus can be applied and adhere to safety measures diligently: wear a face mask, sanitise or wash your hands regularly and keep social distance.

From tomorrow, 2 May 2020:

  • No passenger without a face mask, or any other appropriate item to cover the nose and mouth, will be allowed on buses – this is now law.
    50% capacity is allowed, which equates to all seats and no standing passengers. If possible, passengers are still requested to try and keep a seat open next to them. If you can wait for the next bus which should arrive 15 minutes later (in peak time), please do so in order to create more social distance.
    Service on the current routes will continue, from 05:30 (routes 15 from 05:00 and route 1E at 05:00 and 05:40 only) until 19:00, at different intervals according to demand:

    • 05:30 – 09:00: trips every 15 minutes
    • 09:00 – 15:00: trips every 30 minutes
    • 15:00 – 18:00: trips every 15 minutes
    • 18:00 – 19:00: trips every 30 minutes


    • routes 12 and 16 (Mall routes): trips every 30 minutes, the entire day
    • route 60A Syferfontein/Rosedale-CBD: trips every hour on the half hour
  • Route 14 Pacaltsdorp-Industria will be added, departing every 30 minutes, right through the day.

First trips will depart at 05:30 except where mentioned otherwise, and last buses of the day will depart at 19:00 from the CBD and Garden Route Mall.

Latest News

• Distance travelled since inception: 38 246 603 km
• Bus trips operated since inception: 2 473 683
• Current route network: 33 routes - 142 km
• Passenger trips since inception: 34 798 088
• Average passenger trips per month over the last year: 448 639

Today we celebrate International Day for Older Persons
Let us protect and respect our elderly for the important contribution they have made to our society!

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