COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Reduced bus service amendments

With the first day of reduced service behind us, it is becoming apparent that many passengers still do not understand the high risk of using public transport; too many non-essential passengers are still using the bus service – please use the bus as a last resort only if it is impossible to make alternative arrangements.
The following amendments will be made to the GO GEORGE schedule from tomorrow, Saturday 28 March 2020:

  • For the sake of passengers’ health and safety, another bus will be added to each trip to tail the first bus and divide passengers between the two buses. This is done to leave more space between passengers, not to transport more passengers.
  • Route 12 Pacaltsdorp-Mall and Route 16 Parkdene-Mall are added to the operational routes, while Route 53B falls away and is replaced by Route 53.

The complete list of operational routes will then be as follows:

  • 1A New Daw Park-CBD – departing from Protea
  • 1B Harmony Park-CBD – departing from Protea
  • 60A Syferfontein-Rosedale-CBD – departing from Battalion stop
  • 2 Blanco-CBD – departing from Blanco triangle
  • 7 CBD-Mall – departing from the Garden Route Mall
  • 9-Industrial Loop – departing from the Transport Hub at 05:30 in the morning
  • 15 Parkdene-CBD – departing from Parkdene High stop
  • 53 Rosemoor-CBD – departing from the Garden Route Mall
  • Route 12 Pacaltsdorp-Mall – departing from the Garden Route Mall
  • Route 16 Parkdene-Mall – departing from the Garden Route Mall

These arrangements are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to the public through the GO GEORGE Facebook page and the media.

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