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GO GEORGE comments on Service Interruption this morning

The GO GEORGE Service today experienced severe challenges with the early morning service. George Link (Pty) Ltd, the vehicle operating company,  confirmed that a group of their drivers embarked on an illegal strike in the early hours this morning which unfortunately left many commuters stranded.

George Link (Pty) Ltd reported that they were able to limit the negative impact of the illegal strike by using non-striking drivers to operate some of the buses on main stream routes. The illegal strike was resolved within a few hours following discussions with union representatives. The full complement of  drivers resumed their duties at 09h30 today.

GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb apologized to the GO GEORGE commuters who were affected.  “We sincerely regret the inconvenience this has caused our passengers, schools and employers. We also want to thank George Link (Pty) Ltd for resolving the situation as quickly as possible.”

Executive Mayor for George, Charles Standers thanked the public for their support and understanding and reiterated that the Government and George Municipality, through George Link (Pty) Ltd,  is committed to providing a quality public transport system that effectively services the communities of George.

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