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GO GEORGE concludes Transport Month programme at Bethesda

Transport Month in Bethesda
The youngsters at the Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre enjoyed Georgie's visit and participated in his cheerful Jerusalema dance. Each one received a GO GEORGE drawstring bag and sun visor cap.

GO GEORGE’s targeted awareness programme on public transport matters annually focuses on both passengers and the public during Public Transport Month in October. This year’s educational programme was concluded at a high note with a visit to the Bethesda Child and Youth Care Centre in George last week.

Adhering to strict Covid safety measures, the youngsters at Bethesda had the opportunity to approach the popular GO GEORGE mascot, Georgie, who shared tips with them in a fun manner about the safe use of the bus service. This topic linked in perfectly with a current independent living programme conducted at Bethesda.

Georgie specifically touched on the Covid safety measures that all GO GEORGE passengers need to adhere to such as the proper wearing of masks, hand sanitising, how to safely board the bus, the rules of carriage and behaviour expected of passengers while on the bus, and especially how to safely cross the street in the vicinity of the bus.

The visit was concluded with Georgie’s vivacious rendition of the Jerusalema dance, with the youngsters eagerly participating.

Passenger safety remains priority

Although there was a heightened focus on passenger education and experience during National Transport Month, the recurring theme of passenger safety cannot be emphasised enough, says GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb.

“The Covid-19 safety restrictions prohibited the usual round of educational visits to pre-schools this year and taking the pre-schoolers and primary school classes on bus trips was a safety risk too. We look forward to exposing the learners to public transport as a concept and our local bus service again as soon as the risk level allows,” Robb says.

An ongoing passenger safety programme in collaboration with several stakeholders has been launched during Transport Month. As part of an educational tool kit, a pamphlet focusing on passenger safety while walking to the bus stop, boarding, travelling and disembarking has been developed and will be used to instil good habits amongst passengers, pedestrians and other road users.

Any institution interested in being included in GO GEORGE’s safety programme is invited to send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za or call 0800 044 044.

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