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GO GEORGE fine-tunes its Rosemoor and Blanco routes

The George Municipality will be implementing a number of route and timetable changes for its services in the Rosemoor and Blanco areas, to make the public transport system more efficient.

The changes are based on operational statistics as well as feedback received from passengers, and will take effect from Sunday 29 March 2015.

“In the next couple of days, we will be distributing pamphlets on buses and also updating our website with the new maps and timetables. We ask that our passengers take note of these changes before they travel on our buses in Rosemoor and Blanco. Our call centre staff members will also be ready to answer any questions on 0800 044 044,” said GO GEORGE Manager James Robb.

Rosemoor route change

  • For the reverse journey (CBD to Mall via Rosemoor) , the bus will still continue down O’Connell Street, but instead of making a left turn into Woltemade it will now continue on for two further streets, and make a left turn into Niewoud, turning right into Oerson Buys and then a left turn into Beer Street before continuing on its original path.
  • The Beer B bus stop will fall away.
  • The Oerson Buys stop will move to Niewoud Street, while a new O’Connell B bus stop will be erected close to the intersection of O’Connell and Niewoud.
  • The forward journey (Mall to CBD via Rosemoor) will follow the same path.

Timetable changes

  • Buses running on the M7 (Garden Route Mall to CBD) route will now run more frequently, every 30 minutes instead of every hour, throughout the day for all days of the week.
  • Two extra trips will be added to the Rosemoor forward service (Garden Route Mall to CBD via Rosemoor) on weekday mornings departing from the Garden Route Mall at 6:50 and 7:30 and the 7:20 bus will move to 7:15, while the reverse service (CBD to Garden Route Mall via Rosemoor) will have buses running every 20 minutes during the afternoon peak time (3 pm to 6pm).
  • There will also be more frequent bus trips on the Blanco Community service (C3) every 30 minutes, Blanco Main service (M2) every 30 minutes and Rosemoor service (C53) every 20 minutes, on Saturdays, until 1pm.

“We thank our passengers for their continued feedback, and hope that these new route and timetable changes will make GO GEORGE an even easier way in which to travel across our city,” said Robb.

“We will continue to assess the demand and efficiency of the system and make improvements wherever possible.”


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