GO GEORGE route maps and timetables explained

GO GEORGE at the Garden Route Mall

The GO GEORGE team will be available to assist passengers with route planning at their Easter holiday stall in the Garden Route Mall until Monday 17 April 2017.  Youngsters are also invited to come and colour in a picture, and meet the popular mascot, Georgie, who will visit the stall between 12:30 and 13:30 daily, hoping to be the star in their holiday photo album. Georgie loves the limelight and cannot resist the flash of a cellphone camera. Here, with Georgie checking that he says all the right things, Ferdie Geduld explains to JP (left) and Lian Reyneke how the buses work, and that you should never pass before or behind a bus, but at a designated pedestrian crossing.

GO GEORGE officers

GO GEORGE community liaison officer Tyron Jeyi and passenger information officer Gledene Le Fleur, hand out route maps and the latest timetables that will be implemented on the 7th of May. Passengers are invited to use this opportunity, like Jacobé Jantjies on the photo, to get one-on-one information and an explanation of how the timetables will change, and how to adapt their routine accordingly. An updated Timetable Pocket Guide is currently being printed and will be available from GO GEORGE Champions and the Info Kiosk at the Hub in Cradock Street from 21 April.

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