Got your Smart Card? So, top up now!

Aunt Souf with card

The GO GEORGE Smart Card is replacing paper bus tickets from 15 November 2018. A huge percentage of regular bus passengers have already bought their Smart Cards to prevent standing in long queues closer to the roll-out date.

If you already have your card, now is the time to top up (load trips) at the network of Smart Card vendors that do top-ups only, as well as at the Smart Card kiosks and mobile vehicles that have only been selling cards up till now.

Where do I top up?

Business hours might change depending on demand, but the following facilities are open to sell cards and top up trips on your card.

Seven days a week, from 05:30 – 20:30:

  • Four Smart Card kiosks:

   Next to York Park glass building, York Street

   Transport Hub

   Garden Route Mall

   Blanco Triangle

  • Two Smart Card mobile vehicles

Leaflets with the fixed schedule of where and when the two mobile vehicles visit the different parts of town is available from all Smart Card kiosks, the Info kiosk at the Hub and GO GEORGE champions.

  • Top-up vendors – own business hours:

A growing network of top-up vendors (currently 28) all over town will do top-ups only. Where a specific area is low on top-up vendors, the mobile Smart Card vehicles do more shifts per week to make sure that residents all have the opportunity to top up when needed. To find out where your nearest top-up vendor is, please phone  0800 044 044, follow GO GEORGE on Facebook or view here.

You don’t need any identification when you top up – that was only required to buy your first Smart Card at the special price of R20. Just hand over your card to the cashier who will ask you how many trips you want to buy. She will insert your card into the card machine to load your trips and hand back your reloaded card with a receipt showing your purchase as well as the new balance of trips on your card.

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