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Juanita September (left) and Mac Mc Kenzie both live in Blanco and take the bus to work. They work at a fabric shop in Cradock Street, right at the Cathedral C stop where pole collars were applied last week. The ladies were most impressed with the presentation of the information, and especially the departure times from the particular stop for all the routes that use this stop.

After a trial round of pole collar stickers earlier this year, GO GEORGE was ready to apply the next round of pole collars displaying route information at the bus stops on Route 56 Denneoord – CBD last week.

The pole collars are the white plastic boxes applied to the bus stop poles, designed to fit the vinyl stickers with route information. Each bus stop has its own unique set of stickers, displaying the timetables and route maps of only those routes that stop there.  On the one side is a line map of the routes stopping at that particular stop, and a system map giving the passenger an overview of where the different routes run and where they can transfer between routes to reach their destination.

The other side of the pole collar shows the complete timetables for all the routes that stop at that specific bus stop.  Feedback on the trial batch resulted in one major improvement, with every stop’s pole collar now indicating the exact times that buses will depart at that particular stop.  The previous pole collars displayed the departure times at the starting point of the route, and passengers had to make a calculation as to the expected time of arrival at their stop.

The timetables and route maps have always been available on the GO GEORGE website, but having them available for everyone to see right at the bus stop, will enable passengers to plan their bus trips better, especially if they are not regular bus users, or familiar with the specific route.

Pole collars for the remainder of the currently active routes will follow in the new year.

For any enquiries about the bus service, phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, visit the Facebook page or go to the website at

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