Impact of CJ Langenhoven Street roadworks on bus service

As part of the Municipality’s series of road maintenance projects, construction work on the section of CJ Langenhoven Street between George Hospital and the Witfontein Road circle will take place from Tuesday 10 August until approximately the end of October 2021. Although no rerouting is foreseen, there will be a significant impact on the GO GEORGE bus service.

All the GO GEORGE bus stops in this section will be closed for the duration of the construction work to ensure traffic flow for all road users while one lane is closed. The buses will still travel along the normal route but will not stop at the affected stops. Posters on the temporarily closed stops will advise passengers regarding alternative bus stops behind the George Hospital and at the beginning of Witfontein Road.

The impact of the roadworks on the bus schedule will be closely monitored to inform possible adjustments if needed, but passengers should make provision for delays when they plan their time of boarding.

Affected stops

The following bus stops will be closed temporarily:

343 Stadium
715 Stadium

341 Myrtle B
342 Myrtle B

585 Hillwood B
586 Hillwood B

338 Heather
339 Heather

The bus routes impacted by the roadworks are Route 2 Blanco – CBD and Route 58 Heatherlands – Heather Park.

For enquiries or assistance with trip planning, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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