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Jobless contracted to build sidewalks

Sidewalk workers
This group of men worked on the sidewalk in Knysna Road and were all grateful for the opportunity to utilise their skills to put bread on the table. They are, from the left, Peter Mbanga, ZonwabeleMuteyi, AbongileMtoto, LuvoyoMtsukwanaandSiyavanaXaka, allfrom George.

At least 66 upcoming contractors and 330 labourers, all residents of George, have been contracted by the George Municipality to upgrade sidewalks adjacent to existing bus routes over the last few months. A total of 6,71 kilometres safe, accessible pedestrian walkways have been created through this project.

Apart from providing convenient walkways for GO GEORGE passengers to get to the bus stops, it also contributes to the National Department of Transport’s goal to promote non-motorised transport.

According to George Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha, the sidewalks provide a welcome upgrading of the roads infrastructure in George. “It contributes to the improvement of our city. The funds spent on the building of the sidewalks created much needed job opportunities while at the same time establishing save walkways for pedestrians,” he said.

Olympic sidewalk before

Olympic sidewalk after

The residents of Syferfontein are very pleased with the with the tidy sidewalk that has been built in Olympic Street, making the walk or cycle to their residential area safe and convenient. The photos show the street before and after the construction.

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