Municipality announces GO GEORGE tariff increase

The George Municipality has announced the annual increase in the GO GEORGE bus fares from 1 July 2019. The increase forms part of the annual municipal tariff adjustments.

  • Smart Card trips bought in bundles of 10 or more will increase by 50c per trip to R9.50 and
  • bundles of less than 10 trips will cost R10.50 per trip (also a 50c increase).
  • The price of single trips bought on the bus increases with R1 to R13, to encourage passengers to rather load the cheaper trips on their Smart Cards and limit cash transactions on the bus.
  • The bundles of 10 trips and more remain the best buy and can save a passenger who travels to work or school and back home five days per week, up to R150 per month in travel expense, compared to cash trips bought on the bus.

The cost of the Smart Card is also influenced by the annual adjustment but includes good news about a decrease as well.

  • The first-card promotion of R20 per card, including two pre-loaded trips, is going up with R1 to R21,
  • but the normal card price for replacement cards or cards bought without proof of identity is decreased from R40 to R25. These cards do not have any preloaded trips.

Trips loaded on a Smart Card never expire. This means that trips bought before the tariff increase stay valid. Passengers buying more trips than usual before the increase to save money are cautioned to keep their cards safe – if lost or stolen, the trips cannot be transferred to a new card.

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