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No eating or drinking allowed on buses

No eating or drinking on buses

Courtesy among passengers is of paramount importance to GO GEORGE. We strive to facilitate a pleasant experience for all who make use of the bus service.

For this reason, and because we are extremely proud of our fleet of attractive buses, we try to keep the vehicles as clean as possible, inside and out. Therefore, no eating or drinking is allowed inside the buses. Food can easily become messy, or someone might bump into you, having you spill your drink or squash your food, letting it fall to the floor.

The same goes for chewing gum that culprits stick underneath or at the back of a seat with-out thinking. Isn’t it just the most awful experience to get stuck in someone else’s discarded gum..!
GO GEORGE requests passengers to take a last bite and sip before boarding the bus. Then please put away your food and drinks until after you have left the bus.

A little kindness goes a long way!

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