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No free bus trips when top-up vendors are offline

A street map of the Pacaltsdorp area indicating with a location pin the location of Smart Card top-up vendors in the area.
Pacaltsdorp has the highest concentration of top-up vendors with numerous alternatives for passengers wanting to top up when a chosen vendor is offline.

The GO GEORGE Smart Card system allows passengers to manage their travel expenditure and save even more on the already affordable cost of travelling by bus. With good planning, this cashless way of boarding the bus is convenient and in line with Covid-19 safety precautions.

As with any other online business systems such as credit or debit card purchases, technical glitches between the business and the bank do pop up from time to time. GO GEORGE does not have any control over this and strongly advises passengers to top up their cards while they still have trips left. Passengers will not be allowed to board a bus for free only because they could not top up on their way to the bus.

Abuse of system will not be allowed

According to James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, the initial issue of Pacaltsdorp vendors repeatedly being offline has been addressed through various interventions. “This was a major concern, but we are satisfied that the technical shortcomings brought to our attention have been rectified. Unfortunately, some passengers are now abusing the concessions made at the time, by demanding free trips when they have not topped up in time. The only time when free trips might be considered is when all vendors are offline, and only after verification,” Robb said.

Top up before you run out of trips

For passengers’ convenience and as a way of creating business opportunities, independent businesses are being signed up all over town and in residential areas, acting as Smart Card top-up agents in addition to their main business. Passengers are encouraged to support these local businesses, but they can also top up their cards at any of the fixed or mobile GO GEORGE Smart Card kiosks.

Cheaper the more you buy

Smart Card trips bought in bundles of 10 or more cost R10 per trip, bundles of two to eight trips cost R11 per trip and single trips cost R12. A passenger who uses the bus five days per week, could save up to R88 per month by buying bundles of 10 trips and more, instead of loading one trip at a time.

Trips on the Smart Card never expire, so there is no risk of losing trips, even if you don’t travel by bus regularly.

For more information about the bus service, your nearest top-up vendor or the mobile kiosk schedule, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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