One passenger per multi-journey ticket

The GO GEORGE multi-journey ticket (MJT) that can be bought at specific vendors around town are welcomed by passengers, not only because it saves time to have a prepaid ticket when boarding a bus, but also because of the financial saving.

A ticket costs R75 and is valid for 10 bus rides, a saving of R1 per trip compared to the single-journey ticket, with the added convenience of buying once for a period of time and not having to carry cash.

“Uncertainties have arisen around the use of the MJT, though,” says GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb. “Some passengers were hoping to have their MJT clipped more than once for family members accompanying them on the same bus trip. Unfortunately there are several good reasons why we cannot allow this.” Robb explains that every passenger from the age of four years needs to have their own ticket. Random inspections to see if all passengers have paid for their ride take place on a regular basis, and it becomes difficult for an MJT ticket holder to prove to an inspector that they have also paid for someone else’s ride. Passengers who cannot prove that they have paid their fare will according to the GO GEORGE rules of carriage be asked to get off the bus at the next stop, and may even be fined for fare evasion.

“Secondly, several people riding on one ticket will not be able to transfer to different destinations along the route, because you have to produce your ticket again when boarding the next bus.

“Another problem with this request is that the smart card system, which will be introduced in the future, does not allow repeated tapping, to prevent a passenger from accidentally paying twice for a ride. We don’t want to create a habit now, which will be difficult to change later,” Robb says.

Passengers are reminded to keep their MJTs in a safe, dry place, since bending or exposure to moisture may prevent the ticket from registering with the electronic card reader on the bus.

A complete list of the vendors that sell multi-journey tickets may be viewed here or can be obtained by phoning the GO GEORGE call centre on 0800 044 044. Single-journey tickets are available at the same vendors, and cost R8.50. The current fares were approved in the 2014/15 financial year and were not adjusted for 2015/16 to allow all phases to be implemented at the same fare. Adjustments will be made annually in line with annual indices.

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