Pacaltsdorp community rejoices over more buses and new route

The GO GEORGE route refinements that were implemented on 10 April 2016 on the Pacaltsdorp bus routes have been received with exclamations of joy and gratitude, according to feedback from passengers in that area.

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Samantha Terblanche sent an email:

“Thousand thanks to those who made it possible for Pacaltsdorp to Garden Route Mall Route 12 to get an extra bus at 6:00.

Things are running more smoothly now. Thank you to those who made an effort to step out of their offices to actually come and see what’s really going on.

I’m 100% sure you won’t get any more complaints from our side.… keep up the good work!”

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Mandy Aries lives in Syferfontein and says they have had to walk quite some distance to the nearest bus stop, which was particularly unpleasant on rainy days.

“Especially our old people and disabled are so excited about the new Route 61 that runs right into Syferfontein.

They can now go to town by themselves to draw their social grants. Some never even see the town, and now they can get there on their own.

This is so wonderful.”




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