Pole collars at bus stops make travelling easy for all

Pole collar instructions

As soon as bus routes stabilise after the initial trial routes have been refined, vinyl route information stickers are applied to the white plastic pole collars at bus stops. These pole collars display information on both sides, relevant to the specific stop where it has been applied. On one side passengers are given route and system maps, and on the other side, timetables.

On the map side

Pole collar map

Have a look at the graphic above. A line map (top) indicates only the routes going past the stop you are standing at, while the system map displays the entire GO GEORGE system.

Indicators and information supplied on this side of the pole collar help passengers to determine which route will work best to get them to their destination, and to plan their trip.

On the timetable side

Pole collar timetable

Look at the graphic above. The timetables of all the routes stopping at this particular stop, are displayed. The colour of the timetables will correspond with the line colours of the routes on the maps and the list of routes on the map side. In these tables you will see the entire day’s departure times from the stop you are standing at.

The purpose of the pole collars at bus stops is to enable passengers to work out and plan their trips independently.

However, should passengers still need help, they are invited to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044. The centre is manned by well-informed, helpful agents, from 05:00 until 21:30 daily, seven days a week.

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