Shelters adapted after passenger feedback

GO GEORGE shelters adapted

Delivering on its promise to evaluate and consider passenger feedback, GO GEORGE has decided to make some structural amendments to the bus shelters.

For better protection from rain and wind, the temporary shelters with the rounded roofs will be improved with back or side panels, depending on its location.

Most changes to the permanent shelters will be applied to those that are still being manufactured. Some of the changes will be made to the shelters already installed now, and some at a later stage, as getting permanent shelters up at more stops takes priority over changing existing shelters for the moment.

Passengers can look forward to the following changes to current as well as future shelters:

  • Back panels will cover the entire area behind the bench, down to seat level
  • To curb vandalism, the perspex back panels will be replaced with galvanised steel

On future shelters:

  • The angle of the bench will be reduced to 5 degrees so that seating will be more comfort-able for passengers with special needs, while still allowing for rain to run down
  • There will no longer be an opening in the blue side panel – it will be solid for better protection from rain and wind.

The design of the permanent shelters makes it possible for them to be extended if the need arises to service more passengers at a particular stop.

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