We respect people with special needs

GO GEORGE’s vision is one of accessible transport for families, women, children and persons with special needs who are able to move safely and affordably between their homes, work, schools, colleges, sport venues, places of worship, shops and socialising spots.

On top of offering  ramps and hoists to make boarding possible for people with mobility challenges, priority seating for those who need to sit during their trip is also provided. (A certain number of standing positions per bus are also counted as bus capacity.)

The red priority seats are reserved for special needs passengers such as the elderly, pregnant women, people accompanied by small children and babies, and people who have difficulty standing. Passengers are required to give up these seats for anyone in one of these categories, since they are positioned to be accessible to such passengers.

They should also take note that passengers with physical disabilities enjoy priority before someone pushing a pram, and should please be allowed to board the bus first.

Bus drivers are not allowed to leave their seats while the bus is running, and therefore should not be expected to assist passengers.

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