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Welcome bus route refinements for Pacaltsdorp

The first buses leaving the bus depot for the roll-out to Pacaltsdorp early on the morning of 2 May, last year. The service to this area is being refined to suit the needs of our passengers.

Another series of route refinements to the GO GEORGE bus service, based on passenger feedback on the Pacaltsdorp routes, will be implemented on Sunday, 10 April 2016. This is the second set of such refinements that already addressed the needs on the Rosemoor and Denneoord routes last month, and will be concluded shortly with changes to the service in Blanco.

This weekend’s refinements will address needs such as a route into Syferfontein, a new community route that will give passengers access to community- and health services in Pacaltsdorp itself, and additional trips in Rosedale where demand has been exceeding available services lately. Additional buses in the afternoon after school on all three routes going into Pacaltsdorp will also increase capacity to transport schoolchildren drastically.

The route refinements are as follows:

Route 1A New Dawn Park: Weekdays: There is an additional express trip at 07:00, departing from the Protea stop and going via Mission Street to Beach Road, as well as additional trips at 07:45 from New Dawn Park to the CBD, and at 13:45 and 14:45 from the CBD.

Route 1 B Harmony Park: Weekdays: The 07:10 trip is being replaced with an earlier trip at 06:50 into town, and in the afternoon there is an additional trip at 14:45 from the CBD. The 05:30 trip on Sundays falls away, but two buses will be departing at 06:00.

Route 60 Syferfontein/Rosedale: The route starts at the Syfer stop in Syferfontein, runs up Olympic Drive to Beach Road, and then through Rosedale. When this route returns from town, after 12:00, it goes through Rosedale first, and then to Syferfontein, on the same route. Before 12:00, however, the return route goes directly to Syferfontein, and Rosedale passengers are advised to debark at the Beach A stop and transfer on the other side of the road to the new community route, Route 61, that also runs through Rosedale. On weekdays there are two additional buses in the afternoon that depart from the CBD at 13:45 and 14:45.

NEW Route 61: Pacaltsdorp Community: This route starts at the Mission/East stop and runs up in Mission Street, turning right into Beach Road, and left into Olympic Drive to the Syfer stop in Syferfontein where it turns around and drives back via Olympic Drive. The route then turns left into Llama Street and runs via Corporation, Infantry, Veteran, Stag and Artillery Streets, and crosses Beach Road to Rosedale where the bus runs clockwise through Rosedale. Coming back from Rosedale, the route crosses Beach Road, turns left into Square Hill Street to Olympic Drive where it turns left, crosses Beach Road to go down Noord Street, up to the Mission/East stop opposite the clinic and library.

NEW Route 61R: Reverse Pacaltsdorp Community: The route also starts at the Mission/East stop and runs down Mission Street till it turns right into Beach Road and left into Olympic Drive. Here the route turns right into Square Hill Street and to Rosedale where it follows the clockwise route, coming back to Delville Park over Beach Road, running via Stag, Veteran, Infantry, Corporation and Llama Streets, and then turns right into Olympic Drive down to Syferfontein. Turning around, the bus drives up Olympic Drive, crosses Beach Road into Noord Street, up to the Mission/East stop opposite the clinic and library.

Route 9 Industria: The 05:00 trip on this route falls away due to lack of demand.

The GO GEORGE Call Centre is open daily from 06:00 till 21:00. Phone 0800 044 044 for assistance with trip planning or enquiries about the amended routes.

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