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Youth Month 2021: Online lucky draw

Graphic depicting a group of exuberant youngsters jumping up and down, with a banner reading Youth Month Lucky Draw.

Thank you for participating in the GO GEORGE Youth Month lucky draw!

Please read the two statements below and select TRUE or FALSE:

    1. When I get off the bus and need to cross the street, I should do so at the nearest pedestrian crossing or traffic light and never walk into the street in front of or behind the bus as the bus driver and oncoming motorists may not see me.

    2. When making use of public transport such as GO GEORGE, one should always wear a clean mask that covers both your mouth and nose and NOT remove it while travelling or speaking.

    Do you agree to having your name announced on the GO GEORGE Facebook page should you be one of the 10 winners?

    Would you be willing to have your photo taken as part of the group of winners for media purposes?

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