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Cleaning of GO GEORGE buses during COVID-19 crisis

Bus cleaning

All GO GEORGE role-players are fully engaged in implementing various strategies to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 virus, including disinfecting of the buses.

Despite prior preparation, in a global crisis situation such as Covid-19, certain measures can only be finalised once a disaster announcement has been made. While finalising the exact cleaning materials required, George Link has ramped up their cleaning processes extensively with cleaning staff now working double shifts, 16 hours per day. An additional process has also been implemented to wipe down the interior of each bus with sanitising chemicals after every duty. To enhance the crisis cleaning regime, a special steam-cleaning machine is expected to arrive shortly, which will also form part of the normal cleaning schedule of the buses after the crisis is over.

* It is important to note that a dirty bus is not necessarily a contaminated bus, and a clean bus is not necessarily a germ-free bus.

GO GEORGE wants to reassure the community of George and our valued passengers that we are doing everything in our power to contribute to their safety when using our bus service. However, we need to emphasise that every individual should take responsibility for their own health and safety by keeping to any preventative instructions issued by Government. During a crisis of this nature, public transport is a high risk environment, and passengers are requested to only travel if essential and where possible during off-peak times to limit contact.

In addition, a crisis response plan has been developed with staggered levels of precautionary measures which GO GEORGE will continually assess and implement as the crisis develops. Passengers will be kept updated as the situation changes.

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