GO GEORGE encourages safe behaviour during holiday season

Motorists engagement

Members of the GO GEORGE team and officials from the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works engaged with motorists and passengers at a roadblock earlier this week. This was one of many integrated safety education campaigns to be held over the festive season. Featured (from left) are James Robb (GO GEORGE Manager), Thandokazi Joka (GO GEORGE communication champion) and Lulamile Lakata (Assistant Director responsible for road safety in the directorate Road Safety Management, WC Department of Transport and Public Works).

With the holiday season once again luring holidaymakers from all over the country to the Garden Route, GO GEORGE has embarked upon a road and passenger safety programme to remind locals as well as visitors to be alert and stay safe.

“Not all visitors to our town are used to a public bus service and the impact such a service has on traffic, and how to safely share the road with big buses that stop in-lane,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “If they should choose to make use of our service, we also need their cooperation to adhere to Covid-19 safety measures at all times. We welcome every visitor and want them to enjoy a well-deserved holiday without compromising their health and safety.”

GO GEORGE is working with various stakeholders in rolling out these initiatives, including the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works. GO GEORGE communication champions wearing caps and sashes with Covid-19 safety messages will join their officers at various roadblocks around George during December. They will carry road safety placards depicting how GO GEORGE buses stop and depart in-lane, requiring both vigilance and patience, and that motorists should be cautious and on the look-out for pedestrians unexpectedly crossing the road near stationary buses.

Covid-19 safety top priority

“With George having been declared a Covid-19 hotspot, with new cases soaring to alarming levels, our communication team will strongly focus on reinforcing the Covid-safety messages. However, we need every passenger to take responsibility for their own health and safety while considering that of everybody around them, too,” says Robb. “We need to take care of one another. Let’s wear our masks correctly – covering both nose and mouth – and not take them off for any reason while travelling on the bus. Nobody will be allowed to board a bus without wearing a mask. Keep a safe distance where possible, don’t close the bus windows – they must stay open for good ventilation, and wash or sanitise your hands at every opportunity. These safety precautions are simple, easy to adhere to, and they make a big difference.”

For any information or assistance regarding the bus service, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, keep an eye on this website, send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za or visit the GO GEORGE Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest bus-related news.

Champions with plackards

At a roadblock earlier this week, GO GEORGE communication champions made use of informational placards to explain to visitors what to be on the lookout for when sharing the city’s streets with the public bus service. INSERT: Visitors are requested to keep pedestrians, buses stopping in-lane and Covid-19 safety precautions in mind.

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