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Go George teaming up the Emmaüs

GO GEORGE CALLS IN Emmaüs HELP Two colourfully branded temporary info kiosks for the GO GEORGE bus service are currently being fitted out at the interchange in Cradock Street in the CBD. As there is so much emphasis in the system planning on accessibility for people with special needs, the GO GEORGE team saw fit to request the very able craftsmen of the Emmaüs Protected Workshop to make furniture for the kiosks from recycled pallets and tyres.

Some city councillors joined GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb, in a visit to the workshop on Monday 27 July 2015 to check on the progress of the very unique office furniture. Testing the comfort level of the blue tyre stool that still needs to be fitted with a bright green seat and soft cushion, is George Deputy Mayor Daniel Maritz. From the left front, clockwise are Cllr Marchell Kleynhans (portfolio councillor for rural areas, social and library services), Hugo Lambrechts (Emmaus craftsman), Johan Dippenaar (workshop manager), Cllr Isaya Stimela (portfolio councillor for corporate services and Emmaüs board member), cllr Melvin Naik (portfolio councillor for civil engineering), cllr Gert Niehaus (Emmaüs board member), Cliffie Sauls and Pieter de Swardt (Emmaüs craftsmen) and James Robb.

People needing information about the bus service or help with route planning, are most welcome to pop in at the kiosks where informed and friendly GO GEORGE staff will assist them. No bus tickets are being sold at the kiosks for now, but one of the ticket vendors, Captain’s Cabin, is situated opposite the street from the kiosks for passengers’ convenience.

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The Grade R and RR learnes of Blanco Primary School enjoyed a visit with the GO GEORGE team, learning about the bus service and how to behave on and around the bus to ensure a safe ride. 

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