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Lost wallet returned to GO GEORGE passenger

Lost wallet found
Diketseng Mosesane (middle) was the Champion who found and handed in the wallet of a very relieved Anthony Dobie (left). Inside the Info Kiosk is Meloney Frans who was able to relay the good news that Anthony's wallet might have been found.

Going to the movies on a weekday afternoon sounds like a relaxing activity during one’s holiday break, but ending the outing without your wallet, is a tad less relaxing. GO GEORGE passenger Anthony Dobie has reason to sing the praises of the GO GEORGE team who got on board to help look for his wallet. “One tends to think that there’s no chance you’ll be reunited with a wallet containing several hundred rand, so I honestly couldn’t believe my luck when I eventually did decide to drop by the Info Kiosk at the Transport Hub the next day,” he says. “I wasn’t even sure where I had lost it, so I was genuinely relieved.”

GO GEORGE has standard procedures in place for lost and found items. When a staff member finds lost items on a bus, they immediately report the details regarding the particular item, time, route and bus fleet number, and then take it to the GO GEORGE Call Centre where it is kept for three months. When GO GEORGE Champion Diketseng Mosesane found the wallet on the back seat of the bus, she knew what to do.

By the time Anthony dropped by, the information officer at the kiosk, Meloney Frans, had already read about a lost wallet on the Call Centre’s Whatsapp group the previous evening, and put him in contact with Ferdie Geduld at the Call Centre. Anthony says Ferdie really went the extra mile to identify him as the rightful owner of the wallet and to hand it back to him. In the end, some Israeli coins left in the wallet from a recent visit was proof enough. And indeed, all Anthony’s cash was still there too.

GO GEORGE encourages passengers to take one last look before leaving the bus, to ensure that they have everything with which they have boarded. When something does get left behind, it is crucial to phone the Call Centre immediately on 0800 044 044. The sooner you call, the better the chances are to find your belongings.

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