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What is this Smart Card all about?

The GO GEORGE Smart Card looks like a plastic bank card and is replacing the paper tickets of the bus service from 15 November 2018. Cardholders will load trips onto this card at Smart Card kiosks, registered Smart Card top-up vendors, Smart Card mobile vehicles and participating Standard Bank retailers such as supermarkets, petrol stations and cafés.


Where do I get my Smart Card?

From 15 October 2018, one month prior to implementation, GO GEORGE Smart Cards will be available at the following card distribution points, 7 days a week:

• Smart Card kiosk in the George Transport Hub in Cradock Street: 05:30 – 20:30
• Smart Card kiosk next to old SARS glass-building, York Street: 05:30 – 20:30
• Smart Card kiosk at Garden Route Mall: 05:30 – 20:30
• Smart Card kiosk at Blanco Triangle: 05:30 – 20:30
Pacaltsdorp Community Hall: 08:00 – 16:30 (temporary)
• GO GEORGE Smart Card mobile vehicles

Once your Smart Card has been activated at the point of collection, you will also be able to top up (load trips) at these points, as well as at Smart Card vendors that do top-ups only.

Take note: You cannot buy your card at a top-up vendor.


From 15 November, no more paper tickets will be sold. From 14 December, no more paper tickets will be accepted on buses. So get your Smart Card as soon as possible!


What will my Smart Card cost?

• Your first Smart Card (registered to your name) will cost only R20, including two pre-loaded trips.
• You will have to show your ID, passport, driver’s licence or birth certificate to ensure that only one card at this price is issued per person.
• Children from the age of 4 must have their own Smart Cards.
• People may register cards for other individuals, for example family members or employees, providing they bring along valid ID documents and register a card for each.
• If you do not have any official proof of identity, you can still buy an unregistered card at the normal price of R40, with no pre-loaded trips, for as many people as you like.

To make it possible for those who cannot get to a Smart Card kiosk to get hold of a card, two Smart Card mobile vehicles will be travelling to different parts of town on a fixed schedule that is available from GO GEORGE passenger support staff and at the Info Kiosk at the George Transport Hub, as well as at www.gogeorge.org.za.

Latest News

The Grade R and RR learnes of Blanco Primary School enjoyed a visit with the GO GEORGE team, learning about the bus service and how to behave on and around the bus to ensure a safe ride. 

Don’t wait until there are no trips left on your GO GEORGE Smart Card.
Go to https://www.gogeorge.org.za/fares-tickets/ and scroll down the page for an up-to-date list of all the top-up vendors.

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